Polished concrete finishes

Concrete Finishes for home, office, retail and industrial spaces

McGinn Concrete has over 25 years experience in applying the perfect concrete finish to all projects. McGinn Concrete upholds a professional and expert reputation for delivering domestic, commercial and industrial concrete works across Brisbane and South East Queensland.  With a stunning selection of samples from around Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, McGinn Concrete can recommend and apply the most suitable concrete finish for your interior and/or exteriors projects.

To help you understand the large variety of concrete finishes available and how to apply them to your project, view the finishings range below or contact the team at McGinn Concrete to discuss.

Our concrete finishes include:

Polished Concrete Finishes - Perfect for home, office and retail

You’ve probably noticed that concrete flooring has been used in industrial spaces for many years, but recently it has also become extremely popular in modern homes, retail spaces and offices. Polished concrete from McGinn Concrete is versatile, durable and easy to maintain and comes in a variety of finishes making it the perfect choice for decorative flooring.

There are many benefits to polished concrete flooring for homes, retails spaces and offices including:

  • making rooms more spacious as it allows light to reflect off the shining surface.
  • easy to clean and maintain – naturally, dirt and dust won’t stick to the polished concrete flooring, making it easy to clean and with no need to use harmful chemicals on your floor. This is also particularly good news for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • extremely durable and long lasting.

As polished concrete can be used as decorative flooring as well as a structural surface, there are specific placement and finishing techniques required to ensure a quality finished project. Because of this, McGinn Concrete have a team of experienced tradespeople specialising in the placement, polishing and sealing of polished concrete flooring.

McGinn Concrete works in partnership with Boral ConcreteExcel GroupHanson and CCS to give our customers the widest choice possible in creating their special design. These companies have display stands in our showroom in Kingston, so please come and marry up some samples to start creating your dream design. Alternatively, you can download the product brochure of each company by clicking on the company name above.

For a look at the complete range of polished concrete and to find the combinations you want to complete your project, talk to a member of our skilled showroom team to custom create your very own mix design!

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete refers to the various types of aggregates (materials) that appear in the concreting mix to create unique looks and styles, perfect for any interior or exterior project. Exposed aggregates appear in both polished concreting, adding texture and style to the polished look, and outdoor concreting, with its attractive slip-resistant texture ideal for pool surrounds, paths and driveways.

What is Exposed Aggregate?

Aggregates are various types of crushed rocks that, when mixed with cement, produces many great looks and styles. The term is also used for the smaller particles that are commonly called sand. They are still crushed or worn down rock. The average concrete that is used in house construction has very specific aggregate mixes; it will have a certain percentage of rocks that just pass through a certain size sieve.

Exposed Aggregate – Outdoors

McGinn Concrete can provide you with a stylish, exposed aggregate concrete finish on all your outdoor areas that will give you a maintenance-free, weed-free, and contemporary surface.  Exposed Aggregate is perfect for:

  • Private and public driveways;
  • Concrete slabs;
  • Swimming pools and swimming pool surrounds;
  • Landscaping and pathways;
  • Parks and gardens;
  • Outdoor entertainment areas; and
  • Community areas.

McGinn Concrete exposed aggregate finishes are well priced, and have an unmatched range of amazing styles and colours that will match or enhance any area around your residence or commercial property.

Polished Exposed Aggregate – Finishes

There are various ways of producing an exposed aggregate concrete finish including; water washing, abrasive blasting, acid etching & stencil blasting.

McGinn Concrete suggests that the most common technique for producing exposed aggregate concrete finishes is via the “water wash off technique”. This technique removes the cement matrix at the surface of the concrete slab using brushing & flushing of the surface with water soon after the poured concrete has stiffened. All you have to do to clean and enhance the appearance of McGinn Concrete exposed aggregate is to use an acid wash and concrete sealer to protect the exposed aggregate concrete from stains. It’s that easy!

You can also choose a number of aggregate types to complete your customised look.

McGinn Concrete partner with Boral, so to view Boral’s range of aggregates, visit their product range here.

Did you know?

  • Concrete is usually described by its strength and then by the size of the largest aggregate used.
  • Usually, for structural concrete in home building, the maximum aggregate size is 20mm. We use 10mm concrete mixes for more specific jobs like block-work core fill or paving slabs.
  • The aggregates can vary in size and texture from smooth river worn pebbles that are ideal for barefoot traffic around pool areas to the sharp crushed rocks for driveways.
  • The colour can vary from white quartz through to almost black basalt. It can often be combinations of different colours of aggregates.

 The material itself may also vary, especially with seeded surfaces. For example, crushed glass is not uncommon.

To create an even more unique look, you can add the aggregates to white cement rather than the standard grey and can also add liquid dyes or powdered ochres to the mix to create more contrasts in the concrete. The team are happy to show you some different options and recommend some looks for your project, so call us today.

Honed and Sealed Concrete Finishes

Honed and Sealed Concrete – non-slip and great for outdoors

Imagine having a beautiful floor that flows seamlessly from your interior floors and outside to your entertainment area. If you love the look of a contemporary, designer floor that is hard wearing and can match into your interior spaces, talk to the team at McGinn Concrete about the versatile honed concrete finish.

Honed and Sealed Concrete is best suited to outdoor areas, paths, driveways and pool surrounds where a non-slip finish is required. The main difference compared to the HiPERFLOOR™ is that we only grind to 60 Grit for exterior use and if a Honed & Sealed finish is required for an interior we would grind to 120 Grit. This compares to the many thousands of grit that we use when creating a HiPERFLOOR™. The other main difference is that the floor is sealed once the grinding process is finished.

For exterior finished Honed and Sealed Concrete we recommend using ACS Street Scape Seal WB which is a water based, environmentally friendly Silane penetrating sealer specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Green Building Control of Australia’s “Green Star” building code. Treated surfaces are effectively protected from the ingress of water based, oil and organic stains.

For interior Honed & Sealed Concrete, we grind to 120 Grit and grout the surface to improve the overall shine of the floor. We recommend using 2 base coats of IBS LD1000 acrylic water-based sealer to enhance the colours within the floor. We then apply 3 coats of IBS stainless acrylic water-based sealer which prevents any stain penetration. To finish the floor we then add 3 coats of high gloss IBS premier sealer, giving the floor a high shine.

McGinn Concrete recommends honed concrete, a slip-resistant concrete finish, for not only entertaining areas but your patios, around the pool or even on driveways. Because our honed concrete is ground to a course cut allowing for slip resistance, this concrete finish is also suitable for industrial and commercial use, for walkways, commercial foyers, and all public access areas.

Contact McGinn Concrete for more information or for a free quote on your project.

Husqvarna Hiperfloor

Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ is a revolutionary flooring concept for the grinding and polishing of old and new concrete floors. Through market-leading R&D strategies, Husqvarna has combined advancements in planetary floor grinders, floor treatment products and the latest resin diamond technologies to create a system whereby new and old concrete floors can be transformed into highly abrasion-resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.

What is Hiperfloor™?

Hiperfloor™ is not a coating but a method for mechanically grinding, treating and polishing concrete floors. Concrete is already one of the most durable surfaces known to man, and by treating and polishing it, the surface abrasion resistance and wearing properties are substantially increased.

Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ substantially reduces the need for epoxy or thin film coatings, providing a surface that can withstand even the toughest traffic. Over the lifetime of the floor, the end result is incredible longevity, performance, shine and beauty, making it a low maintenance and very cost-effective flooring alternative.

How does it work?

Through an innovative combination of premium grade silicates, liquid materials and specifically engineered diamond technology, the Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ process moves through a succession of steps. These steps are made up of diamond grinding, using progressively finer grit sizes, an effective and exclusive concrete pore filling method (GM 3000™), and the application of Husqvarna’s premium liquid densifier (Hiperhard™) that increases the surface hardness of the concrete.

Hiperguard™ Premium Enhance can be applied to the surface at the end of the process to make the concrete significantly more resistant to fats, oils, water and acids.

The Hiperfloor™ process is odourless and relatively quiet meaning application can be worked around your requirements without any need to vacate. No downtime, no lost earnings and minimal inconvenience.

Contact McGinn Concrete to discuss more about Husqvarna Hiperfloor.

Coloured Concrete

Add some colour to your concrete flooring

Full depth coloured concrete is a widely used option for driveways and any external areas as it is not only a durable surface, but also provides you with a choice of wonderful earthy tones. In addition to its beauty, coloured concrete is installed quickly, is easy to maintain and is a cost-effective way of creating your dream design, whether you want it shaped, polished, exposed or just a mirage of colours.

McGinn Concrete only installs full depth colour rather than painted or topped colour, so that fading and re-colouring are no longer issues. McGinn Concrete also recommends sealing your coloured concrete areas with an ultraviolet stable sealer. These sealers come in many finishes, from gloss through to matt, including hard-wearing sealers for high traffic areas. In sealing your coloured concrete, you ensure that the area is protected from absorbing stains and make the surface easy to keep clean.

McGinn Concrete works in partnership with Boral Concrete (Boral Colori concrete), Excel Group, Hanson, Cemex and CCS to give our customers the widest choice possible in creating their special design. These companies have display stands in our showroom in Kingston, so please come and marry up some samples to start creating your dream design.

Sample of Boral’s Colori Coloured Concrete – QLD

Photo source: Boral Concrete. 2002. Colori Concrete

You’ll find more information and inspiration at Boral’s Colori gallery and once you’ve had a look, call the team at McGinn Concrete to chat about the next steps.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative Concrete Options

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete from McGinn Concrete is stylish, versatile, durable and easy to maintain and comes in a variety of finishes. Check out our polished concrete flooring page for more information.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a decorative finish where you can clearly see the various types of aggregates (materials) that appear in the concreting mix. Exposed aggregate finishes create unique looks and styles and perfect for any interior or exterior project. For more information, visit the exposed aggregate finished page.

Stencilled Concrete

It’s no secret that stencilled concrete looks fabulous on a driveway, but did you know it can be used around your pool, patios, entrance ways, courtyards and/or footpaths?

McGinn Concrete use a high-quality, disposable stencil for creating different decorative effects. Stencilled concrete is very similar to stamped concrete, with the important difference being that this process utilises disposable paper stencils to print the pattern, instead of rubber mats.

McGinn Concrete stencils for concrete come in a wide array of patterns. Because the stencils mask off the underlying surface, they leave behind realistic “mortar joints” the colour of the grey concrete base. You can also benefit from applying a dry-shake coloured hardener to the exposed concrete before stencil removal. You’ll get the appearance of individual stones, tiles or bricks that have been mortared together.

There are a range of options available to suit your project and desired look.

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is quite common for concrete projects and simply refers to the grey smooth concrete finish. Plain concrete is used for slabs, some pathways and driveways and is durable and low to no maintenance. For a slightly textured finish on plain concrete, you could add a broom decorative finish as described below.

Broom Finish

Have you ever wanted to lay concrete in your front or backyard but were too afraid that it might be slippery to walk on?  If so, the simple broom finish is probably the right finish for you.

At McGinn Concrete, we believe that the Broom finish is an attractive, slip-resistant texture, easily achieved by pulling a damp broom across the concrete surface. Fine or medium textures are commonly used to produce slip-resistant surfaces on external areas such as entertainment areas, garages, shed floors and gently sloping and flat walking paths and driveways.

The team at McGinn’s can apply textured finishes in many ways. For example, using straight or curved lines, with driveways and pathways typically broomed at right angles.

Broom finish is an ideal ‘do it yourself’ concrete finish for the home handy-man, or if you don’t have enough time, contact McGinn Concrete on (07) 3451 7900.

Images to inspire...

Decorative concrete pool surrounds
Coloured Concrete landscaping
Award winning polished concrete Floor
polished Concrete flooring inside home_living area
Exposed aggregate concrete stairs indoors

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