Stenciled Concrete driveway

Decorative Concrete Options

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete from McGinn’s Concrete is stylish, versatile, durable and easy to maintain and comes in a variety of finishes. Check out our polished concrete flooring page for more information.

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a decorative finish where you can clearly see the various types of aggregates (materials) that appear in the concreting mix. Exposed aggregate finishes create unique looks and styles and perfect for any interior or exterior project. For more information, visit the exposed aggregate finished page.

Stencilled Concrete

It’s no secret that stencilled concrete looks fabulous on a driveway, but did you know it can be used around your pool, patios, entrance ways, courtyards and/or footpaths?

McGinn Concrete use a high-quality disposable stencil for creating different decorative effects. Stenciled concrete is very similar to stamped concrete, with the important difference being that this process utilises disposable paper stencils to print the pattern, instead of rubber mats.

McGinn Concrete stencils for concrete come in a wide array of patterns. Because the stencils mask off the underlying surface, they leave behind realistic “mortar joints” the colour of the grey concrete base. You can also benefit from applying a dry-shake coloured hardener to the exposed concrete before stencil removal, you’ll get the appearance of individual stones, tiles or bricks that have been mortared together.

There is a range of options available to suit your project and desired look.

Plain Concrete

Plain concrete is quite common for concrete projects and simply refers to the grey smooth concrete finish. Plain concrete is used for slabs, some pathways and driveways and is durable and low to no maintenance. For a slightly textured finish on plain concrete, you could add a broom decorative finish as described below.

Broom Finish

Have you ever wanted to lay concrete in your front or backyard but were too afraid that it might be slippery to walk on?  If so, the simple broom finish is probably the right finish for you.

McGinn Concrete believes that the Broom finish is an attractive, slip resistant texture and is easy to achieve by pulling a damp broom across the concrete surface. Fine or medium textures are commonly used to produce slip resistant surfaces on external areas such as entertainment areas, garages, shed floors and gently sloping and flat walking paths and driveways.

The team at McGinn’s can apply textured finishes in many ways, for example, using straight or curved lines, with driveways and pathways typically broomed at right angles.

Broom finish is an ideal ‘do it yourself’ concrete finish for the home handyman, or if you don’t have enough time, contact McGinn Concrete on (07) 3451 7900.

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Stenciled Concrete driveway
pool side concrete
Stencil Concrete - white and grey

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