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Your driveway is often your home’s very first statement and welcomes you home. Your driveway needs to both look good and be able to handle Brisbane’s weather. At McGinn Concrete, we have been concreting since 1988. All of our concrete driveways are made to high standards and can withstand a large range of vehicle weight. Our driveways are designed to maximise water runoff while our anti-slip finishing ensures safety.

No matter what stage you are up to getting a new driveway we are happy to assist.  Whether that be a free quote to do a full installation, an extension to your existing driveway or even repairs no job is too big or small. We have been creating concrete driveways in Brisbane for more than 30 years. We are reliable and use practices to ensure the job is completed on time, on budget.

You no longer need to have a standard grey concrete driveway. At McGinn Concrete we offer a range of concrete driveway options such as:

At McGinn Concrete we can mix our concrete with a large range of pigments, bringing a unique style, colour and flair to your new concrete driveway. We also focus on making sure the surface of your driveway is safe and has minimum cleaning required.

As well as driveways, we offer a range of other residential and commercial concreting services. We work alongside large Brisbane commercial companies who trust us with their project. If you’d like to view some of our previous commercial work you can do that here

How Much Do Brisbane Concrete Driveways Cost?

In order to provide you with an accurate quote for your new driveway, we will request a copy of your site plan if it is available. If this is not possible, we will come out to your site to assess the location in person. This will allow us to calculate the amount of concrete needed, and also take other factors into consideration such as:

Once we have the required information we will provide you with your free quote.

What Concrete Do We Use?

We only use the best supplies, and over our 30 years we have come to have a unique understanding and solid confidence with Boral Concreting
This small extract from Boral’s website describes their concrete.

Boral Quarries produces a range of useful materials based upon stone and rock. Suitable rock is extracted to make construction aggregates such as crushed rock, sand or gravel. These abundant yet essential raw materials provide the literal foundation of our homes, schools, hospitals, roads and almost all aspects of the built environment we depend on.