Outdoor Coloured Concrete

Add some colour to your concrete flooring

Full depth coloured concrete is a widely used option for driveways and any external areas, not only is it a durable surface but also provides you with a choice of wonderful earthy tones. In addition to its beauty coloured concrete is installed quickly, easy to maintain and a cost effective way of creating your dream design, whether you want it shaped, polished, exposed or just a mirage of colours.

McGinn Concrete only installs full depth colour rather than painted or topped colour, thus fading and re-colouring are no longer issues. McGinn Concrete also recommends sealing your coloured concrete areas with an ultra violet stable sealer. These sealers come in many finishes from gloss through to matt, including hard wearing sealers for high traffic areas. In sealing your coloured concrete you ensure that the area is protected from absorbing stains and also makes the surface easy to keep clean.

McGinn concrete works in partnership with Boral Concrete (Boral Colori concrete), Excel Group, Hanson, Cemex and CCS to give our customers the widest choice possible in creating their special design. These companies have display stands in our showroom in Kingston, so please come and marry up some samples and start creating your dream design.

Images to inspire...

GE Office polished concrete floor
GE Springfield Office Polished Concrete Floor Kitchen
GE Springfield Office polished concrete floor

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