Super Flat Laser Screed Floors

McGinn Concrete is keeping on top of the latest developments in the concreting industry adding an advanced technology laser screeding machine to their portfolio.

Gone are the days of manually laying down concrete, the use of laser screeding machines is revolutionising the way concrete is placed and levelled, giving the concreters at McGinn Concrete the capability to now create super flat floors with incredible FF and FL numbers.

If you’re a commercial builder or have a commercial project which requires specific concreting tolerances to be met or require a flatter floor for improved quality, contact our Laser Screed Consultants to discuss your project requirements further.

What are FF and FL Numbers

The F-number system has been a significant factor in enabling the construction of flatter and more level concrete floors. Its effectiveness is widely accepted, and is the preferred method for controlling the floor profile.

The degree of a slab’s flatness is defined by two numbers:

  • FF (Flatness) – How close to geometric planarity a slab is. This relates to the bumpiness or waves of the floor.
  • FL (Levelness) – Describes the degree to which a surface is horizontal

The higher the F number is, the better. As an example, a concrete floor with an FF20 is considered to be twice as flat as a concrete floor with a FF10. In the same respect, a concrete slab with a FF40 would be considered twice as flat as the FF20.

The table below details the correlation between F-Number and straightedge tolerances. Table sourced from CCAA.

Laser Screed tolerances FF and FL numbers

Benefits of Laser Screeding Technology

Laser screed machines have built in lasers which provide uniform flatness and levelness to any concrete slab which is far superior to traditional concrete screeding methods.

Better still, these incredible results will be achieved first time round, and significantly faster than traditional methods.

The use of modern laser screeding technology when pouring concrete slabs allows us to achieve the highest possible flatness and levelness requirements for any commercial project.

Achieving Tolerances

McGinn Concrete with the help of the laser screed machine can assure tolerance requirements of your project are met. The Laser Screed Technology allows the team to meet these expectations and deliver laser-precision flatness and levelness every single time.

Superior Accuracy With Laser Screed Technology

McGinn Concrete pride themselves on the quality of work we deliver and the customer satisfaction that follows. Laser guided technology allows us to deliver precision accuracy on every job – something that is almost impossible to achieve using conventional methods.


McGinn Concrete is leading the concrete industry with Laser Screed Technology, raising the standards and quality of work we are delivering to our clients.

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